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Announcing 3 new and exciting skill building workshops !

We are really excited to bring back our furniture repair workshop. What can be better than learning new woodworking skills while fixing your furniture!? Bring in your piece of furniture to be repaired, redesigned, or even just decorated and we will help you along the way with woodworking tips, tricks and solutions! This a fun, high energy workshop!

We have started a follow up intro to woodcraft A class, cleverly calling this Woodcraft B! Here you will expand your knowledge of woodworking through practical applications on your projects! This class is focused on joinery such as box joints, dovetail joints, splines and more). You will learn new tools like the bandsaw, router, jigs, and more. A great next level class for those who want to dive deeper into the world of woodcraft!

This is by far our most popular workshop. If you have ever wanted to try woodworking for the first time or brush up on existing skills this class is for you! You will be introduced to the core group of woodshop tools, methods and procedures to start building your project as soon as possible. A fantastic low workshop to learn new skills that can be applied outside of the woodshop!

Keep checking our website for new workshop announcements! We are adding more and more!

  • We now accept Klarna for all of our workshops


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