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Happy new year! Review of 2022 and a look ahead with Community Builds

Community Builds had a busy 2022, and here is a selected portion from the year and what we have planned in 2023.

H22 City Expo - our focus on education, material re-use and conservation

In 2022 Community Builds participated in Helsingborg's H22 city expo. We continued our up-cycled Barns Lekparti concept we introduced in 2021, creating Bygglek 2.0 with the city of Helsingborg and IKEA at the Do More site in the Drottninghög neighborhood. It was a great success and the kids truly built and developed their own playspace. Not only was this an educational project but it was also made from 100% used materials, proving that playgrounds can be sustainable and that used does not mean unsafe. We were inspired by how the kids developed the space and we were excited to realize our original proof of concept.

Sparbanken grant - sharing library and donation

Thanks to the Sparbanken grant foundation, we were able to engage with pensioners and produce two sharing libraries from re-used materials. They were donated to a school in Rosengård where arson had destroyed their library. When we envisioned the project, we could have never imagined how much of an impact it would have. We look forward to more opportunities to give back to the community.

ABF Study Circle & Intro to WoodCraft Series

Thank you to ABF for the opportunity to join their organization and offer a study circle for beginning woodworking! Intro to Woodcraft is a great workshop for beginners and those with experience. These classes teach all the core light woodworking tools and with guidance students build a project of their choice. Classes are usually in 4 or 5 sessions and in some cases extension courses will be added if students would like to work further on their projects. Our students inspire us with their skill and imagination - check out some of the projects!


Resin is a binding agent and filler that can be tinted with colors, sanded for a

semi-transparent finish or poured clear. There are many different types, and in our resin-craft classes we always use non-toxic biodegradable resin that is sustainable and food

safe. There are so many great ways to use resin! Students created projects of their choice, everything from revived cutting boards to drink coasters or jewelry. As a bonus they also learned to use basic hand tools and sometimes more!

2023 - New Workshops / Wood Club / Association

We will continue to offer the Intro to Woodcraft and Resin-craft workshops in 2023 while also testing some new concepts. We are curious to know what you are interested in learning? We welcome your input

Want to share one of your projects?

Do you have any projects made in our classes that you would like to share? Send them to us and we will highlight them in our next newsletter and social media throughout the year.

Our Chair Challenge events will come back this year, and although there are no winners or losers, the projects built from used chairs are astonishing! We can't wait to hold this event again so look out for date announcements.

Upcoming events announced

The Malmö Wood Club will expand in 2023 as the interest has been growing. We require an application to join as you must be able to safely work on basic tools. For those who are beginners or need refreshing in the shop, we always recommend taking our intro course. We also offer one night training sessions for those who may need a little more or already have some experience but need an introduction to our shop.

Join our association and receive a 10% discount on all workshops for the year!

Community Builds also operates a non-profit association that accepts members on an ongoing basis. We have a short application required.

With this membership you receive 10% off workshop tickets and 2 free sessions if you are a wood club member. You will also be invited to attend and vote during our annual meeting. The price is 200 sek/year.


Our Mission To foster community engagement through

creative activities with a focus on conservation, material-reuse, and skill building.

Our Vision Giving people the skills and tools

to create a more sustainable future


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